Senate passes gas tax plan: What’s next?

Senate passes gas tax plan:  What’s next?

State senators pass a $15 billion transportation plan, funding projects from 520 to 405 to Spokane’ North-South Freeway with a 11.7 cent hike in the gas tax. But not everyone’s on board with what’s included in the package. Now, the Republican-controlled Senate sends its transportation package over to the Democratically-controlled House.  Crosscut’s John Stang analyzes what could be next. Just before the [...]

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Inslee proposes carbon pollution charge

Inslee proposes carbon pollution charge

At his State of the State address, Gov. Jay Inslee pushed lawmakers to enact a new charge on industries that release carbon pollution.  Inslee would use the funds raised from the carbon charge to pay for education and transportation.  Republicans responded that such a charge would hurt businesses and that before pumping in more money into transportation, voters need to see [...]

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Pining for Pine-Sol

Pining for Pine-Sol

When Pine-Sol tried to quietly change its formula, the social media backlash was severe.  From blogs to Facebook to Twitter, loyal customers voiced their dismay.  Now, the Chlorox company is pledging to answer its angry customers.  But there’s a reason the “original” formula isn’t coming back to store shelves.

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$2.99 gas? Yes, it’s here.

$2.99 gas?  Yes, it’s here.

Drivers have noticed a steep drop in gas prices over the past few weeks and now at some gas stations, the price has fallen below the $3 mark.  But we’re still high compared to other parts of the nation.

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Puget Sound home prices rebound, but now what?

Puget Sound home prices rebound, but now what?

Puget Sound real estate analysts predict a steady year for real estate ahead, but see great uncertainty beyond 2014. We ask experts what you should keep in mind–whether you’re buying, selling or just planning to stay put.

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