Wyman: Bring back the presidential primary

February 18, 2015 at 10:20 am
  • Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman wants to resurrect the Washington State Presidential Primary.
  • In 2012, state lawmakers cancelled the Presidential Primary to save money in a budget crunch.
  • Wyman estimates the primary would cost $11.5 million, but she says come spring next year, voters will expect to participate.
  • Political parties have used caucuses to select most of their delegates to the national conventions.  Parties have favored caucuses because they attract the party faithful and energize them to work for campaigns.
  • Wyman says the primary is the only time that state voters are asked to select either a Democratic or Republican ballot, and because that voter list is public record, that’s useful information for the parties.
  • If approved by lawmakers, Wyman would like to schedule a presidential primary for the week after Super Tuesday in March 2016.

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