Historic move: Will you be asked to vote again on I-1351?

February 17, 2015 at 10:33 am
Just three months after voters approved Initiative 1351 calling for smaller class sizes, lawmakers are thinking about sending the initiative back to voters–what would be a historic move.
  • I-1351 passed in November with 51% of the vote.  State Senator Steve Litzow (R-Mercer Island) calls the initiative “irresponsible” because it directed smaller class sizes in K-12, but did not provide any funding to pay for the idea.
  • The Secretary of State’s office says it would be the first time in state history that lawmakers have attempted to return a recently-passed initiative to the ballot.
  • The State Constitution allows legislators to suspend an initiative with a two-thirds vote of the legislature.  However, lawmakers are doubtful they can get a two-thirds vote.  They believe sending the initiative back to voters would require only a simple majority vote of the legislature.
  • Voters would be asked to amend or repeal the initiative.  Lawmakers are contemplating narrowing the initiative to smaller class sizes in K-3; others are thinking about asking voters to raise taxes to pay for the initiative.
  • Sen. Litzow talks about the options, and the status of education funding in the legislature.

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