August primary surprise: Jean Godden behind

August 4, 2015 at 11:31 pm

In the early results of the August primary to determine which two candidates advance to the November election, long-time Seattle City Council member Jean Godden is in third place.  See her election-night reaction, plus comments from the top two finishers in the new district 4, Rob Johnson and Michael Maddux.

In the first returns, Godden was 148 votes behind Maddux:

Rob Johnson 32.7% (3558 votes)

Michael Maddux 22.8% (2408 votes)

Jean Godden 21.1% (2224 votes)

On election night, the candidates agreed the race is too close to determine whether Maddux or Godden will advance to the general election to face Johnson.  In recent history, Seattle has elected council members by city-wide vote; this is the first time Seattle is electing most council members by district.


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